Hotels Near Downtown Washington DC

Downtown Washington DC is the district comprising of the capital of the United States. It’s currently serving as a base for the national unity in the whole of the US. The district is directly under the watchful eyes of the US Federal government and hence, it’s not a part of any US state.The Downtown Washington DC has borders with the some states like Virginia and Maryland. It’s also located on the north bank of the famous Potomac River. The population of the district keeps swelling up because of the daily influx of people from other states. As the capital of the US, the district houses the centers of the three branches of the US. It’s also the location for most US museums and monuments.There are lots of corporate and government facilities in the district. It serves as the home for over 176 foreign embassies. The headquarters of the World Bank is also located there. You can also locate the headquarters of some other bodies in the district. Among them include, the headquarters for the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Organization of American States, the Pan American Health Organization, the Inter American Development Banks and a lot more. Trade unions, professional associations, lobbying groups and other bodies also have their headquarters located in the district.The above scenario shows that Downtown Washington DC is always a beehive of activities. Many people visit the district on daily basis for one business or the other. Hence, there are always places to lodge in when they visit. There are many hotels near Downtown Washington DC. Among them include:• The Melrose Hotel – located in Washington’s Georgetown• Washington Court Hotel – locate in Washington’s Capitol Hill• The Donovan House – located close to the National Geographic Society and the White House.• The Washington Plaza – family friendly hotel located in the heart of Washington DC• Radisson Hotel Reagan National Airport – Located in Central Arlington• The Liaison Capitol Hill – An Affinia Hotel• Howard Johnson Washington DC North/BW Parkway – a business friendly hotel in Washington• Washington Suites Georgetown• The Dupont Circle Hotel• The Churchill Hotel – A business friendly hotelThe above are some of the best featured Downtown Washington DC hotels where visitors can always stay when they visit the district. They are well built with the state-of-the-art facilities and adequate security systems. You can always have the best of fun staying in any of the hotels since many of them are very close to the heart of Washington DC.

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